Board of Selectmen

The Board of Selectmen is an elected three-member Board which is the Executive branch of government in Hampton.  The Board of Selectmen is responsible for the administration of the general town government, working under Connecticut General Statutes and local ordinances.  Responsibilities include the preparation and administration of the operating and capital budgets for the general town government and the supervision and direction of the operations of the Public Works Department including improvements to all highways, bridges, public buildings, and property.  The Selectmen manage the day-to-day operations of the town, hire and supervise town employees, and appoint electors to boards and commissions.  The Board brings policy recommendations to Town Meeting for approval.  The Selectmen are elected and serve for two-year terms.
Citizens wishing to address the Board of Selectmen may do so during the Public Audience portion of each meeting. The Selectman's Office is also open to all residents to discuss any issues concerning town government.
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