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Hampton Board of Education

The Hampton Board of Education believes that in our democratic society each person, without exception, is an important resource to our nation. We further believe that it is the primary function of our schools to develop this resource to the greatest extent possible.
The mission of  Hampton Public Schools is to enable all students to achieve at their highest potential by challenging them through a variety of educational experiences. Through partnerships with family and community, our schools will promote the pursuit of lifelong learning, responsible citizenship and decision making in a culturally diverse world. Our school must provide challenges and experiences which continually foster the development of students’ academic knowledge and values; individuals will be prepared to realize personal success and responsible citizenship.
The Board believes that the educational process in our schools should be supported by educators, students, parents/guardians and the entire community, for a commitment to today’s education is a commitment to society’s future. The Board recognizes that the community shapes the quality of local education. It is imperative that members of the community and the school personnel cooperate in planning, developing policy, implementing programs, and evaluating results.
The Hampton Board of Education holds regular monthly meetings, usually on the forth Wednesday of each month. Special meetings are held as needed. Agendas for all meetings are posted at the Hampton Elementary School, Town Hall and on the Town of Hampton web site. Minutes of all meetings are posted in those same locations.
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