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Green Energy Committee

The newly installed grant-funded 120-kilowatt solar system, coupled with the previously installed 9kw system, will provide all the electicity needed for our school, substantially reducing the town's annual electricity costs.

The Hampton Green Energy Committee was established by the Board of Selectmen in January 2010.  Its charge is to study and recommend an energy savings/ green energy plan for the Town of Hampton.  Since then, the Committee has been instrumental in conducting energy audits for all municipal buildings, followed by significant energy savings at Town Hall, Hampton Elementary School and the Firehouse.  Through the Committee's outreach efforts such as an Energy Fair, the Solarize Campaign, and additional informational activities, the community has learned of opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses. 

For an update on specific activities, click HERE.


Some of the many examples of Hampton homes with alternative energy sources. Clockwise from top left: Ed Adelman & Elizabeth Lindorff; Beverly & Mark Davis; Ellen Embardo & Larry Goodheart; Maurice & Rose Bisson  
Solar Collectors on Fire House - Photo by Pete Vertefeuille
The following links provide information about clean energy generation, conservation and financing as well as specific Hampton initiatives.
Launched in 2012, Energize Connecticut is the public face of programs and services that help Connecticut residents, businesses and municipal customers save money and use clean energy. Energize CT partners with Connecticut  Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) www.energizect.com/about , theConnecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) www.ct.gov/deep/site/default.asp, The Connecticut Green Bank, www.ctgreenbank.com and your local eletric and gas utilities with funding from a charge on customer energy bills. 
For Residents:  Energize Connectiut provides the following information: *
  • Programs.  Here you will be able to select information on a variety of programs available to help you reduce energy usage and save money.  Some of the more popular prgrams include: Home Energy Solutions; HES-income eligible; Residential Solar Investment Program; Energy Star Retail Products, Smart E-loans, and more than a dozen others.
  • Solutions. Here are some specific suggestions to benefit from clean energy sources.  For example:  Energy Assessments; Heating, Cooling & Hot Water; Lighting, Appliances & Electronics; Rebates; Financing; Renewable Energy Options; and Building, Renovating or Buying a New Home.
  • Smart Energy Tips. Detailed tips on how to reduce energy use.
  • Forms and Helpful Documents.  Find application forms, qualifying equipment lists and other resources you need to participate in energy efficiency and renewable energy programs through Energize Connecticut.  See more at by clicking HERE.
  • Find a Professional.  Using an online search tool, you can find suggestions for contractors, lenders, lessors, distributors, or retailers that will assist you in finding, financing or installing clean energy products and services.
  • Find a lender. Another search tool assists in searching for specific types of financing.
  • Success Stories. Here are some specific case studies of individuals who have made smart energy choices.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Choosing Your Supplier.  Here you will find a list of Connecticut Dept. of Public Utilities (DPUC) sanctioned electricity suppliers.  The site lists each utility's standard service generation rate and your cost per month based on 750kWh/ month for a residential customer.  You will also find current offers, average costs, and savings.  NOTE:  One of the electricity generating companies, Direct Energy, has a contract to provide a discount to Hampton households who choose it.  THere is an additional discount for Hampton senior citizens.

*For businesses, municipal governments, and non- profits, Energize Connecticut provides similar information HERE.

The Department of Public Utility Control  (DPUC) regulates energy companies in Connecticut. DPUC informs us of legitimate companies selling electricity. Each household can select a company to generate and supply electricity through CL&P. The household's bills and services such as line repair still come through CL&P.
Connecticut Science Center This site allows you to search alternative energy for information and exhibits.
CT Green Building Council This site allows you to explore educational opportunities promoted by a non-profit organization dedicated to energy efficient design and building.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory This federal laboratory site provides research about renewable energy and energy efficiency, research application and commercial development.
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