The Hampton Community Center

The Hampton Community Center Facility and Rental Information

The Hampton Community Center is located in the renovated Grange Hall building (1906) at 178 Main Street, Hampton, CT. This Town-owned facility was donated by the Little River Grange chapter and renovated in 2007-8 to provide a community center for recreation and cultural activities.

A calendar of reservations and availability is located on the Town website,, or from the Selectmen‘s Office in Town Hall, 860-455-9132 ext 2.   Please check the web calendar for the availability of your function’s desired date, but confirm with Administrative Assistant availability of your desired date before publicizing your event.  Questions, arrangements to view the facility, drop off signed agreements and fees, and pick-up and drop off of keys are made through the Selectmen‘s office 455- 9132 ext 2.

Suggested uses for the facility include lectures, meetings, showers, craft and exercise classes, parties, plays, talent shows and other like events and activities. Town ordinance requires ending the music and/or performance by 10:30 PM.

The facility has an upper level, approximately 30 X 40 feet plus a stage approximately 30 X 15. Capacity for this level is 134 persons standing or seated in rows. Capacity is less if tables are to be used. This level also has a projection screen available. There are twelve card tables and two six-foot tables, stored in the lower level kitchen, which can be used in the upper level.

The lower level is approximately 30 X 30 plus a kitchen approximately 20 X 20. Please see the attached kitchen detail if you are interested in using the kitchen facility. The lower level has 4 large tables which can not be moved. There are also 2 counter height, serving tables and 2 rolling carts. This capacity of the lower level is 80.

Additionally, there is a grassy outdoor area between the facility and the Town Hall. This area can be used for outdoor barbecuing, dancing or picnicking. Tents may be located on the flat, grassy area between the facility and the Town Hall. Do not erect tents in the facility parking area or on the ball field.

There are 2 restrooms, both located on the lower level. There is a chair lift available, for use by the elderly and mobility-impaired.  It can also be used to transport card tables, chairs and food carts between levels.There is parking adjacent to and behind the building for up to 20 vehicles.

There is a handicap drop-off area and a ramped handicap entrance at the lower level on the south side. 

Security deposits, fees and a signed agreement are due at least 30 days prior to the event unless the request is made closer to the date of the event. In that case, fees are due with submission of the signed agreement and the fees for rental must be in the form of cash or check. In either case, key and security deposits may be in the form of a personal check.

Key and damage deposits will be returned to the renter upon return of the key and satisfactory inspection of the facility after use. Portions of the deposit may be retained to compensate for any damages or additional clean-up cost attributable to the renter.

Before the event, the renter will tour the building with the Town Building Steward to review the rental agreement and become familiar with the Center. After the event, the Town Building Steward will visit the Center to be sure it has been left in the required condition.  A Town official will contact the renter if any further work is needed.

The following items are not supplied:
•       Linens
•       Tableware
•       Pots & pans
•       Utensils

If renter cancels the event with at least 2 weeks notice, fees will be returned. If cancellation is less than 2 weeks prior to the event, 25% of the rental fee will be retained as a cancellation fee.

Access to the building for set-up must be arranged through the Selectmen‘s Office and may be limited if there are other bookings in or around the time of your event. The set up and program times will be written into the agreement.

The following items are available for use by the renter:

Upper level:
•       70 chairs (additional chairs from the lower level may be moved for use on   the upper level as long as they are returned to the lower level at the completion of the event.)
•       12 card tables and 3 6 ft tables, stored in the lower level kitchen
•       2wheeled food carts
•       Projection screen
•       Stage

Lower level:
•       Kitchen
•       4 large rectangular tables 3' x 8'
•       1 counter height serving tables 2' x 6'
•       1 counter height serving table 2' x 4'
•       2 2' x 3' food carts on wheels (may be taken & used upstairs)
•       30 chairs (additional chairs from the upper level may be moved for use on the lower level as long as they are returned to the upper level at the completion of the event.)
•       2 handicap accessible restrooms

•       1 picnic table

The renter is responsible for set-up and breakdown of tables & chairs or other items for their event. No portion of any passageway or exit shall be blocked or obstructed and no exit door shall be locked or bolted while the facility is in use. Fire doors at top and bottom of stairs may not be propped open.

Lower-level tables may not be moved to upper level. Chairs may be moved as long as they are returned to their original location at the end of the event.

As part of set-up and  clean-up, please line all trash cans with heavy trash bags.

Decorations: Except with prior written consent, the renter may not cause or permit the facility to be defaced or marred. No tape, nails, hooks, tacks, screws or other fasteners may be placed into any part of the facility. No signs, banners or pictures may be placed on painted surfaces.By special arrangement, there is a gallery hanging system available for use in the upper level.

Breakdown & Clean-up:
Renter is responsible for leaving the space in good condition and repair as found at the start of the rental period. If the renter desires, cleaning services may be purchased - see price list for fees.Whether or not the cleaning service is purchased, the renter is responsible for returning/repositioning furniture as initially found, clean-up of any large spills and removal of all trash, including any rest room trash. All food, beverages, rented supplies and equipment must be removed.

If cleaning services have not been purchased, in addition to the above, the renter is responsible for vacuuming or sweeping floors, complete clean-up of any spills and thorough cleaning of the rest rooms. Brooms,mops and a small vacuum are in the utility closet inside the furnace room.The break-down & clean-up times will be written into the agreement.In cool weather seasons, when leaving the building for the final time, please ensure that heat is set to 60 degrees in the lower level and 40 degrees in the upper level.

If anyone damages the facility during the rental period, the renter is responsible for payment of necessary repairs. This includes damage to any technical equipment. Any repairs will be made by a contractor selected by the Town.No material, substance, equipment or object likely to endanger life, cause bodily injury or property damage or constitute a hazard may be brought on to the property.

The Community Center is a non smoking facility.

Open Flames/Candles
Because of the risk of fire hazard in this lovely old building, candles (except on birthday cakes) or other open flames are not allowed. Limited candles may be used if they are enclosed in a glass chimney or other glass covering made for that purpose.

There is a small parking lot that can accommodate up to 20 vehicles.  Additional parking is available in the Town Hall parking lot next door. There is a handicap drop of area and ramped entrance on the lower level.

Caterers must have proper licenses and liability insurance coverage. A copy of the caterer‘s certificate of insurance must be provided at least 2 weeks prior to the event. If the caterer has been asked to provide alcoholic beverages, a copy of their liquor license is also required. Caterer's, if used, must be approved by the town. The Town reserves the right to reject a caterer. The Town is not responsible for any lost or stolen caterer‘s or renter‘s equipment or property.

Food service permits
If you are going to be advertising, charging money and serving food to the public, (i.e. not just a small group of friends and family), you will need a permit. Food permits are under the auspices of the  Northeast District Department of Health. For questions, visit their website or call them at 860-774-7350.  

Private parties and dinners like potlucks for members and friends do not need food service permits.

Events with temporary food permits should cook on site.  Food should be cooked and immediately served, no cooling and reheating.  Food should be prepared in a certified kitchen, here or elsewhere.

You will also be required to have a FAST certified person on site at the event and include a copy of their certificate with your temporary food permit application. FAST is a brief two hour evening training about food safety. It is given by the Dept of Health and costs $15.00 for nonprofits. Classes are given frequently. For upcoming dates, call the Dept of Health or check their website.

Northeast District Department of Health (NDDH)
69 South Main Street, Unit 4
Brooklyn, CT 06234
Phone: (860) 774-7350
Fax: (860) 774-1308

Alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages may be served in the Community Center at private functions as long as the renter does not charge for them.  The Town recommends that the renter has or hires a bartender or caterer who has and provides a copy of the proper permits and liability insurance as required by the State of Connecticut. See FAQ memo for details concerning alcohol permits. 

Public Safety 

There is no phone in the facility. For communications and in case of emergency, the responsible party is required to provide a cell phone number and have that cell phone with them on the day of the event or activity. This number must be listed on the application form.

In event of fire
Evacuate the building at once if the fire alarm sounds, and call 911.  The fire system will also call 911.

Rest Room Emergency System
The rest rooms are equipped with an emergency call system. To engage it, pull the cord near the toilet. This will sound an alarm and flashing light. If you notice the alarm has been set off during the course of an event, please respond to assist the person in the rest room.   THE EMERGENCY SYSTEM ALSO SOUNDS OUTDOORS, in case the event is an outdoors one like a picnic or ball game.

Area of Refuge
On both levels, the vestibule of the chairlift area has been constructed to provide an “area of refuge“ to protect individuals unable to evacuate the building unassisted, until the fire department can assist with removal.

Chair Lift
The instructions for lift operation can be found in the vestibule area outside each lift door. Renters will be briefed in advance on its operation. The renter should position a member of his/her party to supervise lift operations.

Chair Lift Operation
  • Turn on the light for the vestibule and chair lift tower. The light is on the panel beside the outer door.
  • Press the button on the outside wall to call the lift.
  • The door will open automatically once the chair lift is in position.
  • Enter the lift and wait for the door to close automatically. Do not force the door – it closes in 15 seconds.
  • Press and hold the button on the inside wall of the lift (right side as you face the door) continuously until you arrive at the next level.
  • Release the button. The door will open automatically.
  • Exit the lift platform.
  • The door will close automatically.
If indicated at discretion of Town officials a $40.00 building steward fee may be applied.      

Additional requirements for use of the Community Center are at the discretion of the Selectmen's Office.