Town of Hampton

Burning Official

In order for citizens to conduct an open burning of brush on their property, they must first obtain a "Local Open Burning Appplication" from one of the Burning Officials. 


The Town's burning officials are responsible for providing, upon request, a "Permit for Open Burning of Brush Only" to citizens.  It should be noted that open burning of anything other than brush is prohibited.  The official is responsible for providing the applicant with a copy of the completed permit, explaining to the citizen the regulations that must be followed when conducting an open burning of brush, and collecting a $10 application fee (note: at the time of the this writing, August 2010, the application fee was $10; this is subject to change at any time, with or without advanced notice).  The official then submits the $10 fee, as well as the appropriate copies of the permit to the First Selectman's Office.  The $10.00 fee is processed through the office of the Treasurer.

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