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Hampton/Scotland School Readiness Council

What does the Hampton and Scotland School Readiness Council do?
The committee meets monthly to discuss issues pertinent to young children and their families in Hampton and Scotland. The committee draws on the experience and voices of all its members as well as the entire community to:
. Ensure that all school readiness grant requirements are being met,
. Monitor fiscal spending of grant and tuition funds,
Identify the needs of children and their families in our community,
Assess the resources already available, and
Develop a plan to increase the awareness of the needs of children and families and how to meet these needs.

Who is involved?
The entire community is invited and encouraged to become a member of the council. Members include:
Preschool parents
Community members
Town leaders or their designee
School administrators
Healthcare professionals
Early childhood teachers
Home childcare providers
Town librarians or their designee
. Local higher education professor
Board of Education representatives

Current members include: Joy Becker, Dr. Paul Blackstone, Allan Cahill, Carrie Deason, Maryellen Donnelly, Mary Geragotelis, Dr. Paul Graseck, Ann Gruenberg, Elise Guari, Dr. Suzanne LaFleur, Dr. Gale Lockland, Theresa Lambert, Michelle Murray, Leahbeth Scandura, Dr. Scott Sears, Chrissy Stone and Geri White.
Although the Hampton and Scotland School Readiness Council is comprised of many different members in our community, more voices are welcome. If you are concerned about the future of children in Hampton and would like to participate in monthly meetings please contact us. New members will be appointed in November.
Future SRC meeting dates: October 23, 2012, November 27, 2012, January 22, 2013, February 26, 2013, March 26, 2013, April 23, 2013, and May 21, 2013.
For more information, please contact:
Sandra Frizzell, School Readiness Coordinator, 860-455-9625, or
Elise Guari, Principal, 860-455-9409,
Program Description
The Hampton School Readiness Preschool is an accredited program through the National Association for the Education of Young Children. NAEYC is the nation's largest organization of early childhood professionals. Accreditation assures families that the program has demonstrated a commitment to providing a high quality program for their young children. The Hampton School Readiness Preschool Program is designed to provide quality preschool programming, as well as special education services, to all three and four-year-old children in Hampton.Children may be enrolled for five school days per week or five half days per week. The program is designed as an integrated special education program. The program strives to meet the individual needs of each child participating. This preschool program employs a team approach to education. The preschool staff meets daily to coordinate the services and plan for the needs of the children in the program. Hampton currently receives $107,000 from the CT State Department of Education for serving families with children ages birth to five. The Hampton Board of Education also contributes to the overall cost of the preschool program.

Program Philosophy
We believe all children have the ability and right to learn in a safe and supportive environment. We encourage families to become involved in all aspects of their childs education. A partnership of cooperation and trust allows the staff and families to develop a framework of success for each child. Our program is an all-inclusive model educating children all along the developmental spectrum. Our focus is to facilitate independence, self-help skills, positive peer interactions and an early love of learning.

Enrollment & Admission
The enrollment and admissions process usually begins with children being screened during the annual Preschool Screening day held each year in April. Application paperwork becomes available at that time. Four year old children who attend this screening are assured placement for the start of the upcoming school year. Children and families that miss the screening day may request entrance at any time if there is available space; however, it is highly encouraged that all eligible children in the community attend the spring screening. Three year old children are offered placements based upon enrollment numbers and availability.

Why is early childhood important?
As every community knows, our children are our future. Children begin learning at birth, (and even before birth, as early prenatal care and a healthy prenatal environment contribute to children's positive development.) For children to be ready for school, they must have positive, nurturing, and high quality early experiences.
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