Town of Hampton

Hampton/Scotland Transfer Station

Wednesday 8 AM-5 PM; Saturday 8 AM-4 PM

The towns of Hampton and Scotland share a transfer station located in Hampton at Landfill Road.
Directions: from Main St. (Route 97) follow Main St/Rt 97 to Route 6. Take a left on Route 6, then a quick Right on to S. Bigelow Road Travel about 2.5 miles, (toward the end, you will actually merge on to Windham Road), then take a Left on to Landfill Road. The transfer station will be on your right.
Site/facility personnel are there to provide assistance by answering questions, monitoring the separation of trash and recyclables, and to reject any type of waste/loads that do not comply with state and/or town policy/regulation. Please give them your cooperation.

Please do not block the normal one way flow of traffic while using the facilities.
You must have a valid sticker to use the transfer station. Stickers are available for $25 at the Town Clerk's office or at the transfer station. Stickers must be attached to the vehicle and readily visible.
Demolition Loads
$30 Full Pickup
$20 Half Pickup
$20 Full Mini Appliances with Freon $15
Other (large) Appliances $5
All Car Tires (with and without rims) $5
Truck Tires $10
Tractor Tires $150 to $300

*Demolition loads will be evaluated by facility personnel to ensure compliance with recycling goals, and to determine an appropriate fee for loads not listed above. The town/s participates in a recycling program and separate trash as follows:

Waste oil, Antifreeze, Batteries
Waste oil only, cannot be mixed with other hazardous liquids/materials. Antifreeze cannot be mixed with other hazardous liquids/materials. Containers used for waste oil or antifreeze cannot be recycled with their normal counterparts (HDPE Plastics) and will be disposed of in the regular household garbage. Batteries, Automotive/Marine (wet cell). All batteries must be either completely drained of all electrolyte, or be of sufficient structural condition so as to not cause contamination due to leakage.

Polyethylene terephthalate (aka PET, PETE or the obsolete PETP or PET-P) plastics coded #1, and High-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastics coded #2, along with waxed milk/juice containers should be clean, with tops/caps removed and placed into the compacting container provided.

Paper & Cardboard
Junk mail, office paper, magazines, paperback books, clean shredded paper items may be tied, or placed loosely into the container provided. No bags of any kind. No paper clips, spiral bound books/binders or metal of any kind. Corrugated cardboard items are to be empty of all packing materials (Styrofoam, Plastics), broken down and placed into the compacting container. Small styrofoam (Peanuts) packing materials should be bagged and disposed of with household garbage. Large pieces of Styrofoam should be put in bulky waste.

Cereal, shoe, cracker and like (non-corrugated) boxes, newspapers/circulars, wrapping (gift) paper, paper shopping bags/animal feed bags not containing plastic or foil linings may be tied/bundled and emptied into the container provided.

Appliances without Freon, and all non hazardous metal objects can be placed in the open top dumpster provided. Containers used for flammable materials/chemicals must be cleaned or rendered inflammable prior to disposal. Paint cans must be empty and completely dry. Propane tanks (empty) less than 16 Oz. are acceptable at this time.

Large Appliances (refrigerator/freezer) must have doors removed, doors are to be placed in the metal dumpster. All items containing Freon shall be placed where directed by site/ facility personnel.

Bulky Waste/Demo
Waste items other than household garbage, recyclables, or hazardous waste will be placed in bulky waste open dumpsters provided. Partially filled latex paint cans that are completely dried out, or in a solid state are allowed.

Bottles/cans should be clean, but labels need not be removed. Do not put (tempered) mirrors, window glass or car windshield glass in the glass containers.
Brush/Yard Debris
We encourage you to compost/recycle at home. Brush/yard debris does not include leaves, except for the few attached to any limb or stalk. Brush under 3” in diameter can be placed in/on the brush pile. No other material (construction waste, fence posts, railroad ties, etc…) is allowed. Check with site personnel before dumping your load.

The Trading Shed

The trading shed is where usable items, "too good" to toss out are set aside for others to take. The goal is to provide useful items to the community (recycle) as much as is reasonable within the limited space provided. No trash please. No items that are hazardous waste or items in disrepair.

Do not block traffic while visiting the swap shed. Please do your part in keeping the shed safe, clean and orderly by removing excess packing, bags or boxes from items if not needed for storage, while in the shed.

Returnable Bottles and Cans
There is a container provided for returnable bottle/cans, from which the proceeds benefit the school.
CFL Lightbulbs
Both Lowe's and Home Depot accept CFL lightbulbs for recycling, for more information about CFL lightbulbs visit:
Paint and Toxic Waste
Click here to find a drop off site for paint:
Hazardous Household Waste 
MID-NEROC Chemical Waste Drop-off Center
Where:  57 Hancock Road, Willington, CT
When:  3rd Saturday of the month from April - October 9 am - 2 pm
What to bring:  Common household hazardous waste (HHW) includes oil-based paints and thinners, pool chemicals, pesticides, weed killers, mercury fever thermometers, gasoline, rechargeable household batteries, and other items.
Private, Commercial Haulers
Two commercial haulers have been licensed to pick up trash and haul it to the landfill.

Casella Waste Co. Inc.
Willimantic, CT
(860) 423-4527
F.W. Mayo & Sons
Columbia, CT
(860) 228-2322

Regardless of the method used, all town residents are required to participate in the trash sorting and recycling program and separate trash per the guidelines.

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