Town of Hampton

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is responsible for recommending policy and standards for maintenance of safe work environments within the Hampton facilities.
Its functions are as follows:
1. Conduct regular meetings, at least quarterly, to maintain up-to-date awareness of safety and health issues.
2. Obtain information about potential or existing hazards in the workplace, accident data or trend, occupational diseases, workplace hygiene reports, etc.
3. Perform regular workplace inspections to identify, control, and eliminate hazards.
4. Perform accident or illness investigations and/or accident/illness information analysis.
5. Make recommendations to resolve safety and health issues.
6. Make recommendations to improve the Safety and Health Program.
7. Respect confidential information about the workplace, work processes and workers' files, which may be acquired by a Committee member.
8. Establish training programs to assist Committee members in understanding the effects of employee substance abuse in the workplace.
9. Provide safety training as needed.
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Toby Vertefeuille


Term End: 06/01/2020
Ralph Brand


Term End: 06/01/2020
Don Sholes Jr.


Term End: 06/01/2020
Paul Featherson

Term End: 02/01/2020