Town Hall Hours

 Welcome to the Town of Hampton

Hampton is a small town that depends on its residents for volunteering in a myriad of ways.  I’d like to use this opportunity to thank the many citizens for their countless hours of work which keeps our town going.  I encourage all Hamptonites to get involved with our town, whether by serving on a committee, volunteering in our fine schools, helping out your neighbors, or finding your own way to contribute.
- Allan Cahill, First Selectman

Feel free to email me at  or call (860) 455-9132, ext. 2. Anytime

Please click the link below to enjoy a presentation of Memorial Day Celebrations from years past.

Don Sholes Recovery Fund

Jewett City Savings Bank Information for Donation for Don Sholes

Walking Guide to Hampton's Open Space

Temporary Housing Assistance Initiatives        Home Energy Solutions (HES) Program     

  Access Housing/Energy Assistance          Rental Assistance

Hazardous Waste Center 2021 Schedule

Emergency Broad Band Benefit

Audit Proposal