The Town of Hampton is happy to inform you about an exciting new program for our residents.Hampton has been selected to be part of a special pilot program called Solarize Connecticut. This town and state supported initiative offers solar energy at discounted pricing to homeowners. Working in coalition with the towns of Chaplin, Ashford, and Pomfret, this program will help our residents purchase solar by simplifying the process and making it more affordable.

Solarize is a unique program offered by the Clean Energy Financing and Investment Authority (CEFIA) in partnership with SmartPower that increases residential solar. It offers group discounts through a pre-selected installer to reduce the cost of solar; it relies on the community to provide outreach and education and it has a clear end date

Hampton Green Energy Committee members, with representatives from Ashford and Chaplin,interviewed installers and have formally selected Ross Solar Group to be the solar installers for ourfour towns.  Here’s what Solarize Hampton includes:

:  Solarize pricing has five tiers, and the more people sign up for solar, the lower the price falls.  All participants will get the lowest price, no matter when they sign up.  Our goal is to get enough residents to sign up to get to Tier 5 – the lowest price available.

To find out more about the program or to sign up for a FREE, no obligation home site visit, please visit www.solarizect.com/hampton.  Or call Ross Solar Group at 203 512-4500.
Feel free to contact members of the Green Energy Committee or First Selectman’s office to find out more about Solarize Hampton.  We can put you in contact with Hampton solar owners to talk about their experience with solar, by callingMaryellen Donnelly at 860-942-3023.

As an added bonus, the town will receive points for each solar installation, which will result in more free solar installations for town buildings.

Thank you for helping make Hampton a clean, energy-efficient community!

Solarize Flyer

Solarize Workshop - Septemer 24, 2013 at 7pm at Knowlton Hall in Ashford